The Austro-Hungarian border

Pan-European picnic: The picnic that changed European history

The Pan-European Picnic was a peace demonstration held on the Austrian-Hungarian border
near Sopron, Hungary on 19 August, 1989. This is where the Iron Curtain was first pierced.
In a symbolic gesture agreed by both countries, a border gate on the road from Sankt Margarethen
im Burgenland (Austria) to Sopronkőhida (Hungary) was opened for three hours, during
which more than 600 East Germans were led to the West. In the run-up to the picnic, its organisers
distributed pamphlets advertising the event and Hungarian border guards were ordered by the
Ministry of the Interior not to intervene or carry arms. We will reenact the picnic at the feet of the monument commemorating the event.

The Iron Curtain Trail

The European cycle track the Iron Curtain Trail invites people to retrace and experience the former
division of the continent on a 6,800 km cycle track along the length of the former border,
combining European culture, history and sustainable tourism. The Iron Curtain Trail thereby contributes
in a lively and very practical way to the creation of a genuine European identity. In 2005, the European Parliament recognised the „Iron Curtain Trail“ as a model project for sustainable tourism. We will walk a small part of the trail through Hungary and Austria.

Price: 40€