Call for Paper Panel – Migration and Flight in Western and Southern Europe

Chairs: Birte Nienaber (University of Luxembourg) and Peter Dörrenbächer (Saarland University)

The influx of people fleeing to European countries in the year 2015 which some media, politicians and academics call “refugee crisis” or “long summer of migration” brought the topic of migration under the special perspective of refugees back to the broad public. The different states, the different localities as well as the different individual reacted in quite diverse manners between welcoming society up to nationalism, protectionism and refusal. The BREXIT as well as the increase of populist and extreme right wing parties can be seen in relation to the fleeing people coming to Europe to find asylum and protection.

This panel will focus particularly on the different perceptions of flight from African and Arabian countries to Western and Southern European countries. Who is flying through which routes? What are hindering and fostering factors to support refugees and persons seeking for protection? What are the different perceptions of the different spatial scales (from individual up to supranational)? Which border, rebordering or debordering processes are evolving based on this type of migration? What can be learned from these different approaches for Border Studies?
Papers from all disciplinary backgrounds and also with different methodological concepts (e.g. quantitative or qualitative interviews, media / public/policy debate analyses) are welcome.

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Deadline for proposals: 25.09.2017

Proposal structure:
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