Transborder Innovation Ecosystems: Regional Drivers, Models and Governance

Transborder Innovation ecosystems (TIE) are integrated networks encompassing a large and diverse set of actors and resources that are necessary for innovation at a cross-border scale.  Conceptually, TIEs are relational and dynamic structures requiring collaboration between knowledge-based institutions, governments, businesses, and other actors, as well as flexible governance. This panel will review the experience of border regions in creating innovation ecosystems with the aim of identifying drivers, models and governance structures fostering regional actors to fully engage and contribute to cross-border innovation. We invite papers addressing some of the following questions: In which fields and under what conditions is cross-border cooperation feasible and capable to foster the development of a transborder innovation ecosystem? How social and economic cross-border asymmetries hinder the development innovation in border regions? What role government, private, and university actor play in the making of transborder innovation ecosystems? What and how a region can learn from the experience of other regions in developing their own brand of transborder innovation ecosystem? What are the indicators and metrics required to evaluate the capacity of a region to support the creation and development of an innovation ecosystem?

Abstracts can be submitted here!

The deadline for abstract submissions is September 30, 2017.

The 2018 Association for Borderlands Studies World Conference will take place from July 14-18, 2018, in Vienna and Budapest. For more information about the conference, please visit the conference website.