Building Capacity for Transborder Regional Development: Lessons Learned and Next Stepsa

For many years, national and regional universities and research institutions across the world have worked to strengthen the capacity of border regions to engage in policies and action that promote one or many dimensions of cross-border development: integration, interconnectivity, competiveness, governance, sustainability, and quality of life, among many others. While these efforts have produced knowledge, information, and expertise that is contributing new capacities for transborder development in border regions, a systematic and comparative assessment of such efforts is urgently needed. This panel invites papers that reflect on the challenges and success of universities and research centers in building capacity for transborder regional development in different international contexts. Rather than focusing on descriptive accounts of particular institutional experiences, we encourage papers proposing conceptual frameworks and ideas on how prevailing approaches and strategies can be enhanced and adapted to devise more informed and effective ways for universities and research institutions to build regional capacity for transborder development and cooperation.

Abstracts can be submitted here!

The deadline for abstract submissions is September 30, 2017.

The 2018 Association for Borderlands Studies World Conference will take place from July 14-18, 2018, in Vienna and Budapest. For more information about the conference, please visit the conference website.