Call for Paper Panel – Citizenship, statelessness and minorities

Chairs: Marie-France Gaunard-Anderson (University of Lorraine) and Astrid M. Fellner (Saarland University)

Questions of citizenship, statelessness, integration of displaced persons and ethnic minorities have come to dominate public discourse in Europe. From the porous interior boundaries of the Schengen space to the mass migration crisis challenging the external limits of the European Union, borders are being challenged and with them the meaning of Europe and the ideals of democracy and civil society it stands for. In addition, the current EU crisis brought about by Brexit has brought into question the future and meaning of EU citizenship. Furthermore, regional struggles that have led to new state organizations and the question of rights of minorities are being debated. While ethno-nationalism is on the rise, various minorities are still subject to exclusion in Europe. Some states may have made progress in expanding the boundaries of citizenship, but questions of nationality, citizenship, and ethno-cultural belonging are still hotly debated issues in the EU.

This panel wants to interrogate these problematic issues in contemporary Western and Southern Europe, focusing on questions of statelessness, the benefits of citizenship and the treatment of minorities. In what ways has regional and international lawmaking endeavored to counteract these forces and problems? What are the effects of the current EU crisis on these questions? What does the current debate on the rights of citizenship look like? What does the deprivation of nationality entail and what does it mean for persons to be categorized as “stateless”? How have the arts and literature reacted to the current problems concerning citizenship, the “refugee crisis” and the rights of minorities?

This interdisciplinary panel invites proposals by scholars of various fields, ranging from legal studies, political science, the social sciences to cultural and literary studies. Scholars can present papers on current topics and debates, historical developments, theoretical understandings or present specific case studies.

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Deadline for proposals: 01.09.2017

Proposal structure:
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